Is It Possible Preventing Depression? What To Do And How?

Is It Possible Preventing Depression?

When you are passing a hard time or thinking about something, that thought destroys the normal functioning of the body, disrupts the balance of hormones in the body. We, ourselves make our life’s needs so high in all areas that if we receive less than that, it becomes our mental exhaustion, and if it continues day after day, it turns into depression.

Anyone can fall into depression. However, not everyone has the same cause of depression. Depression is just as different as people’s lives. Even if a person is sitting on the top of a building, depression can peek into his life. Again, one can spend the day in peace even after eating salty rice. So money and being rich has nothing to do with depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Frustration, anger, sadness, feeling bad all the time, doubt, hesitation, boredom, severe loss of appetite and sleep, unwillingness to talk to anyone, annoyance at sound or light, the sudden body-weight increasing without planning going or falling, headaches, feeling empty, lack of pleasure in anything or lack of concentration, feeling pain all over the body, hands, feet and abdomen, fatigue, tendency to distance oneself from everything.

If you have any of these five or more symptoms for two weeks or more, you may need to seek expert advice. Because keeping all these problems for a long time means making the disease more complicated. That means minor depression can turn into major depression. Of course, depression should not be called a complex disease in any sense. Rather, it can be called a problem. It can be caused by physical and mental problems caused by depression. But don’t just panic if you are just having some bad times that are temporary. Sadness and depression aren’t the same at all. But a very long term sadness can cause depression. Now let’s read some forms of depression:

Major Depression

When the symptoms of depression are very prolonged. And appears on a regular basis, it is called major depression. Major depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. Or even suicidal thoughts. This type of person needs proper medical support.

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Minor Depression

Minor depression occurs at some point in life due to a tragic event or environment. The proximity of close ones to this time is very much needed. It may cure with time if you are strong enough and able to fight.

Atypical Depression

It is a form of major depression. However, there may be a need for medication and psychological counseling. People should be talked to doctors at this time. You may need to frequently talk to the people you like that may give some pleasure at this point.

What To Do? And How?

The first thing to do is, seeking the help of a specialist. Depression is not a thing to avoid. It is a mental disease that causes much life. But it is really underrated. Especially in a country like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc. Where people do not wanna pay heed to mental health. Many people in the world ignore mental health. But the thing is, mental health is equally important as physical health.

You need proper treatment from the psychiatrist. There are so many medications and healthy lifestyles that will help you to get rid of depression. You just have to show the brave to support yourself. Be brave enough to support yourself in this situation. Because at the end of the day, you only have yourself. If you do not have the courage to seek expert help, it may drain you more down. So please, try to talk to a psychiatrist and share your problems.

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Final Words

There is no magic pill that will end the depression. It can be a long term journey. But if you take proper treatment, you will start to feel better after a few weeks or even days. We hope and pray that whatever situation you are facing right now, will end soon. The good days will come in sha Allah. Have faith and keep the hope alive. Life is a beautiful place, but It’s not enjoy all the time. Remember, hard times, struggle times, good times are part of life. Never give up on yourself.

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