Hyperthyroidism Disease Discussion

Hyperthyroidism Disease Discussion

Hypothyroidism is currently a fast-growing disease. Women are 6 times more likely to be infected than men. But it is seen that most women still have little idea about this disease. Many people do not know that this disease can be treated in a natural way without drugs. The word hypo means less. Hypothyroidism is a disease of the thyroid that happens for an under-active thyroid. When the thyroid gland could not produce enough crucial hormones, the disease hypothyroidism occurs.

What Are The Signs Of Hyperthyroidism

In many cases, this disease is not caught at the right time. The symptoms of thyroid hormonal disease are so varied that it is easy to avoid the suspicion of doctors. So there are some symptoms that you may suspect yourself to be suffering from hypothyroidism and seek medical attention. The word ‘hypo’ means less. When for some reason the thyroid gland produces fewer hormones than it needs, it is called hypothyroidism.

  • When thyroid hormone is low, metabolism is delayed, so the first sign of this disease is weight gain.
  • Exhaustion, drowsiness.
  • I can’t stand the cold at all.
  • Decreased heart rate.
  • Having high blood pressure.
  • Feeling of chest pain.
  • Dry and rough skin and hair.
  • Less hearing or no hearing at all.
  • Decreased nerve and muscle dependent reflexes.
  • Feeling of tightness and pain in the muscles.
  • Excessive bleeding during irregular menstruation and menstruation.
  • Swelling of face and legs.
  • Constipation.
  • Infertility.
  • Decreased sexual ability.
  • Decreased softness of voice, heavy and hoarse voice.
  • Accumulation of water in the stomach.

Seek medical attention if any of the above symptoms appear together and make sure you have some tests to rule out hypothyroidism.

Causes Of Hypothyroidism

There can be many causes of Hypothyroidism. Someone can be affected by this disease for some reasons that happened in his body. We will write about the cause now. The main causes of hyperthyroidism are given in the following.

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Over-response to hyperthyroidism treatment.
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Medications
  • Congenital disease
  • Pituitary disorder
  • Iodine deficiency
  • Pregnancy

These are some causes of hyperthyroidism. There can be more causes to it. But these are the common and mostly occurred causes of hypothyroidism.

Diagnosis Of Hypothyroidism

Hypo or hyperthyroidism is a disorder of the endocrine glands and when conventional medicine does not work properly, only a specialist who has studied hormonal issues well can offer the best possible treatment.

They are not like a family doctor or a general practitioner, an endocrinologist specializes in hormone and hormonal disorders, so it is safe to say that they are the only ones who can diagnose your disease and give you the best possible treatment.

Some Foods that Helps to Prevent Hypothyroidism

The treatment of this disease is usually given with a variety of synthetic hormone pills which have some harmful side effects. But no worries, today I will share the names of some foods that will help you to prevent Hypothyroidism.

  • Iodized Food
  • Coconut Oil
  • High-quality tyrosine fibrous food
  • beef or chicken steak
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fresh Water

Hope this article helped you to know about Hypothyroidism. Lastly, we are not a doctor, neither a health specialist. These data were collected from various articles found online. It is highly recommended for you to seek expert help if you are really in trouble with hypothyroidism. So many doctors and physicians are available in our region. Goodbye, have a great and healthy life.

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