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Newborn Baby Diseases List: Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

Newborn Baby Diseases List: Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

Immediately after birth, a newborn baby can be affected by many diseases. They are more susceptible to some diseases due to their low immunity. Many such diseases get better with a little care. And many needs proper medical treatment. This article is just to gain some basic knowledge. A newborn baby is very sensitive. We do not recommend you to take any action directly by just reading an article online.

Whether it is in our blog or somewhere else. We strongly recommend you to consult with a child specialist doctor if you think your baby is not well. So let’s read about some common diseases of newborn babies.

Newborn Jaundice

Many babies may have jaundice after birth. This is a very common and normal phenomenon. Jaundice usually occurs within two to six days of the newborn’s birth and resolves within two weeks. At this time the baby has to be fed more breast milk and at the same time, the baby has to be kept on an empty body for a while in the light sun of the morning. Then the child is quickly jaundiced. But keep in mind – do not let the sunlight fall directly on the baby’s head.

In most cases, jaundice in children does not require any separate treatment. However, if jaundice occurs immediately after the birth of the child or jaundice occurs after the age of seven days, or if the yellowing of the skin due to jaundice becomes darker day by day, then a doctor should be seen.

Tears In The Eyes

Some newborns may have clear water or tears in their eyes. He does not need any treatment. However, if the baby is gently massaged with the finger along the corner of the eye at the base of the nose, the watery eyes will be cured. If the tears are mixed with pus or like pus, the advice of a doctor is needed.

Breast Swelling

After birth, many babies (boy or girl) have swollen breasts and may have a bloody discharge through the vagina. It is normal and does not require any treatment. It is only important to maintain cleanliness. But we recommend you to take the doctor’s advice.

The Rash

Many people wrap the baby in warm clothes, heavy towels, etc. after birth. Excessive clothing can cause red rashes or rashes on the baby in hot weather. If this is the case, the baby should be wiped with lukewarm water frequently. Baby powder can also be applied to the skin. The baby should wear light thin comfortable clothes without extra clothes.

Navel Swelling

After the navel of some babies is dry, there is a gap in the muscles below the navel and the navel swells like a balloon when the baby cries or sneezes. The swelling may increase in the first few months, but later the swelling becomes normal as it shrinks. Navel swelling does not cause any problems. However, if the navel swelling seems very unusual, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Vaginal Bleeding

Many times newborn girls may have vaginal bleeding. Bleeding can usually occur in four to 10 days and is caused by the mother’s hormones. If there are no other causes of bleeding, this bleeding should stop on its own. There is usually nothing to fear in such bloodshed. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor in this regard.


Children may have a bacterial infection of the white part of the eye or conjunctiva. In this disease, the child may have pus or pus in the eyes and the eyes may become red. In the case of conjunctivitis, the eyes should be washed frequently with water or wiped with a soft cloth. Many times this inflammation can cause blindness in the baby. So it is important to consult a doctor.

And So On

It is not a disease :D. What we are trying to tell you that there are so many diseases that can occur in a newborn baby. Newborn babies are really sensitive. And they have a very weak immune system. It is really easy for a virus and bacteria to attack a newborn baby. And spread the disease.

So you have to take special care of your newborn baby. Newborn babies need special care and nutrition. And we recommend everyone to frequently take doctor’s advice. And also you can take the nutritionist’s advice.

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