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Newborn Baby Care After Birth

Newborn Baby Care After Birth

First, we need to know what a newborn is. Not all babies are newborns. Newborns have a certain age limit. We usually say that the baby that is born is a newborn. From zero to 28 days after birth, the age we have is what we call a newborn. There are several ways we can take care of this newborn. A child will come home, in which case the care starts long ago. When you see a woman pregnant, you start caring for the newborn.

Essential Newborn Care Steps

The first thing that needs to be taken care of for the newborn’s care is to take care of the pregnant mother. A pregnant mother needs to see if she is getting proper nutrition. Because this nutrition will depend on the baby’s body, mom has to see if you’re giving her a quiet environment. Because if the mother lives a stressful life, it will affect the baby in her womb.

And during this time, a pregnant woman needs regular checkups. We say at least four checkups need to be done. After these four checkups, you need to see if there is any problem in the baby’s stomach whether the baby is moving properly. Whether the child’s limbs are properly formed. Whether the mother developed diabetes during pregnancy, whether she developed high blood pressure, or developed any disease caused by convulsions. Because these things affect the baby in the womb.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the mother has a fever or urinary tract infection towards the end of pregnancy. There is a lot to be done to ensure that the baby is born well and healthy. Then after the birth of the newborn baby, some immediate steps need to take. Let’s discuss these in the following:

Immediate Newborn Care Steps

The next minute after birth is the golden minute. If the baby does not have any breathing problems during this one minute, the baby will be fine for life. If the baby does not breathe within one to five minutes, it will be a serious neurological disease. The second thing that is seen in the hospital right after the baby is born is another important thing is to keep the baby’s temperature under control. Because at that time, the baby is wet with the mother’s uterus. So if the water is not well-drained, the child may catch a cold. The decreased body temperature of the baby but one of the causes of death of the baby.

In many cases in the village, it is still common to bathe the child immediately after birth. This bath should not be taken for at least three to four days. You can then gently wipe the body. There is another issue in the village. It is seen that the baby is fed honey immediately after birth. In fact, it is a misconception. We say, do not give anything other than breast milk until six months after the baby is born. Breast milk should be fed at least within an hour.

Newborn Baby Care After Birth

Many times it is seen that children have been born, everyone in the family is happy. After the birth of a child, everyone in the family starts rejoicing. Before holding the baby, the hand should be washed well with soap for two minutes. Studies show that if you wash your hands and hold the baby, the neonatal mortality rate will be reduced by 60 percent. It is so important. For this, I personally counsel everyone in her family if she is a child. I mean, this one to one and a half months, you must wash your hands with soap before you catch the baby.

Baby Care Tips For New Moms

When the baby is breastfed, some hormones are released from the mother’s body. Hormones increase the speed of breast milk. There is a problem with the movement of the gums for breastfeeding in this one hour. If you can make a habit of breastfeeding at this time, it is seen that this baby can breastfeed very well in six months. But it is very important. Shawl milk is very important in this one hour.

As we say, this is a natural antibiotic. Shall milk contains ingredients that increase immunity; you will not find it in any other milk or any other food in the world. Usually, breastfeeding is essential for the newborn. In our next article, we will try to give you some short tips to help you more. Till then, take care of yourself and your baby. And frequently seek expert doctors’ help.

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