5 Reasons Why Bangladeshi People Go Abroad For Treatment

5 Reasons Why Bangladeshi People Go Abroad For Treatment

Many of those known as ‘important people’ in Bangladesh are rushing to Thailand, Singapore, Europe, or America for treatment. Anyone can get treatment in any country by spending personal money. There is nothing to say about it. But when important people of the state or any minister, MP, and leaders of different political parties go abroad for treatment, questions arise about the country’s medical system.

In a country of about seventeen crore people, our leaders will also get sick; it is very normal. But why go abroad for their treatment? Is there no system for their treatment in the country? It is very shameful to treat national leaders in foreign countries. Beyond this, general people also want to go abroad for treatment. I have found some reasons for it. There can be some more reasons too.

Not Having the Best Specialist Doctors & Facilities

It is not so true that Bangladesh does not have the facilities and machinery to detect the disease. But the truth is we do not have the best technicians and experts for those. It is very normal that government hospitals medical machinery becomes dull after e few months and years because of not having an expert technician and not working properly and not taking care of those machines. Unexpectedly, people think the government property is free, and you do not need to take care of it properly.

And even people say some of the specialist Bangladeshi doctors do not give enough time and support. And they do not provide that much care and help. Bangladesh does have the best specialist doctors, but it is tough to manage a huge crowd. And make time for everyone.

To Get More Updated Medical Treatment

Technology is growing so fast. New and more updated facilities are getting involved in medical treatment. But Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. And more than 23% of people live below poverty here. So it is hard to get all the latest medical technology in Bangladesh. And if you get those, it will be very costly and not having the best technician is also the problem.

People say that the doctors, the nurses, and the technicians are very professional there. You’ll feel so good by just talking to them. Behavior, way of treating is really good. And they are easier to deal with. Nowadays, many private clinics are giving some international quality medical treatments in Bangladesh. This is a positive thing. But the cost is too high.

Not enough knowledge about Bangladesh’s Medical Treatment

Bangladesh has some best specialist doctors and medical equipment. And day by day it is increasing. But many people do not know much about these. They do not have much information about the current situation of Bangladesh’s Medical treatment. Some people go abroad for a normal operation that can be done in any local hospital in Bangladesh. This is really unexpected and not good for Bangladesh. As a citizen, we need to have much information and data about our countries medical treatment.

Can’t Rely on Bangladeshi Medical Treatment

It is because of scams. The politicians of Bangladesh often go abroad for better treatment. It is so awful for the country. Even the politicians of the ruling party can’t rely on their own country’s treatment. How can the general people rely on? This thing creates a terrible impression on our medical treatment situation. It has to stop. This is no more good for a country. The ruling party has some responsibilities. They have to create and make sure the best medical treatment opportunity in Bangladesh. The corruption in health must be stopped.

Checkups and Travel

People love to travel. Some people in our country go abroad for not only medical treatment but also to visit the country. And to travel to the country. This is one of the reasons why Bangladeshi people go abroad for treatment. They stay there for a while, do their check-ups, and then hang around.


Going abroad for treatment is not good for the country. It creates a bad impression. When you need to go abroad for treatment, It means the country’s medical treatment’s current situation is not that good. So the government has to work on it. The corruption in health should be stopped at any cost. The technicians should be trained more. The doctors and the nurses should be more professional and careful to doctors. And the patient also has to understand the doctors’ limitations.

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