What To Do Immediately After Heart Attack?

What To Do Immediately After Heart Attack?

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. It has been working continuously from birth to death. Its main function is to supply blood to every organ of the body. But weighing only 310 grams, this organ needs its own strength to work properly. This energy comes through oxygen-rich blood flow.

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. To live well, you have to keep it fresh and healthy. This article is about what you have to do immediately after a heart attack. Today in this article, we have written about the symptoms, what to do, and things to avoid to prevent heart attacks.

Symptoms Of a Heart Attack

There are several symptoms before a heart attack. The patient and other family members should have a clear idea of ​​these symptoms. If you have an idea about this, it will be easy to take appropriate action by getting admitted to the hospital quickly.

  • The first and foremost symptom of a heart attack is chest pain. Pain is felt in the middle and left side of the chest and gradually increases in intensity. The patient may feel that some pressure has been put on his chest. Again, it may seem that something is stuck in the middle of the chest. This pain is felt continuously or intermittently for a while.
  • Breathing is difficult. Chest pain as well as difficulty breathing. In addition to chest pain, this can happen alone.
  • Severe pain is felt in the upper body (above the navel), jaw, arms, and neck.
  • Dizziness, nausea, and indigestion may occur.
  • Even in winter, persistent sweating, blurred vision, loss of balance, etc.

If these symptoms appear in the patient, he should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible, and some special measures should be taken before admission.

What To Do Immediately After Heart Attack?

If a patient has a heart attack, it is possible to reduce the severity of the incident by taking some action very quickly. Everyone must have an idea about these matters.

Painkillers should be taken first.

If chest pain is felt, the patient should take aspirin immediately. Many patients may be allergic to aspirin. In that case, the patient should take the other painkillers prescribed by the doctor. It is best to check with a doctor to see if it is safe to chew painkillers. This is because chewing gum acts on the body faster than swallowing the medicine. If you do not have the strength to chew, you need to help take the medicine powder.

Should be taken to hospital as soon as possible

I need to hire an ambulance to the nearest hospital quickly. The ambulance number of the emergency department of some hospitals should always be left on the mobile phone’s speed dial. It is also wise to keep these numbers in a notebook at home and the patient’s pocket as notes or cards. It will be difficult to get the phone number when needed.

It is important to note whether the patient is having trouble breathing.

If the patient has difficulty breathing, adequate air intake should be provided to the body. For this, the extra clothes of the body have to be loosened. Many times the patient’s tongue can get stuck in the throat. If this is the case, then maybe it is time to dump her. Care should be taken to ensure that the vomit does not enter the airways.

The patient should keep a note with the necessary information when traveling somewhere.

Heart patients are more likely to have a heart attack than others. Accidents can happen to heart patients when they are alone in a vehicle or at an event. A card or note should always be kept in the patient’s pocket so that it is not too late.

There will be all the information about his blood group, what drugs and food allergies he has. Nowadays, most people’s mobile phones are locked. Therefore, some necessary phone numbers and the patient’s personal doctor’s number should also be included in the note. It will be helpful to help strangers.

When the heart stops beating, the CPR method should be applied.

A heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest or loss of consciousness. In this case, CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) should be given to the patient with both hands. There are numerous videos and articles on the Internet on how to pay for CPR. It is best if the method is learned by hand from an experienced doctor. It can also be your life-saving experience in times of danger.

Keep in mind that the CPR method should only be applied when the heart has stopped working. With this method, even if the heart does not work, the body’s blood circulation continues temporarily.

Things to avoid

In the suddenness of events, we can often make various wrong decisions. These can have far-reaching consequences for the patient. So we have to make sure that we don’t make any mistakes. Such as –

It is not right to be overly excited about a patient’s abnormalities.

There is no need to panic. It is normal for anyone to panic when they see a person behaving abnormally with their hands on their chests. But keeping the head as cool as possible will help to deal with the situation quickly. Time is of the essence here. It will only be a waste of time if the family starts crying. This will harm the patient as well as make it difficult to make quick decisions.

Medicines should not be kept in high places and drawers.

The patient’s medication and diet should always be kept in a convenient place at hand. It is better to keep it in a position where it is available immediately if needed.

The patient should not be allowed to drive alone to the hospital.

Patients with chest pain and irregular breathing should never drive themselves to the hospital. In this case, you have to take the help of any other driver or neighbors.

Be careful about taking drugs outside of prescribed medications.

It is not advisable to take any medicine prescribed by any person other than the doctor’s medicine. Talk to your doctor in detail about what medications can and should not be taken.

People with weak hearts should avoid hard physical labor.

If you have weak and irregular breathing problems, no heavy physical exercise can be done. This disrupts blood circulation in the body. Find out which exercises are good for the body and which are not.

Silent pain cannot be tolerated at all.

If the chest pain continues to increase, it is not right to tolerate it silently. Waiting for the pain to subside may be too late. And the onset of intermittent pain is also a big symptom.

Final Words

As various cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases occur due to hereditary and geriatric causes, an uncontrolled lifestyle is also one of these diseases’ major causes. So it is important to get rid of some bad habits to be healthy. Among these habits, smoking has the greatest impact. This is why smoking must be avoided.

People with high blood pressure need to keep their blood pressure under control. Diabetic patients should keep their diabetes under control. Healthy eating habits should be made as per the advice of the doctor. Excess fatty foods should not be eaten. Always keep yourself cheerful. And of course, go to the doctor for a routine checkup.

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