What Causes Allergy: Symptoms And Causes

What Causes Allergy: Symptoms And Causes

Allergy is one of the common diseases all around the world, actually, it is caused by harmless substances that are called “Allergens”. Various types of allergies have been discovered all around the world. Through this article you will know more about the allergy and the types, you can also learn about the causes and the symptoms of skin allergy and the risks of allergy.

What Is an Allergy?

An allergy happens when a person reacts to the materials of the environment such as dust mites, pets, insects, molds, foods, and many other things, and those materials are known as “Allergens”. Now a day’s allergies are very common in the human body. The genetic tendency that develops allergic diseases is called Atopy. When an atopic person gets close to allergens his/her body starts to make a protein called IgE then histamine and other chemicals cause the symptoms that he/she notices.

Types Of Allergy

There are many people who don’t even know how many different types of allergies are in this world. You will be surprised to know the types of allergy, there are drug allergies, food, pollen, latex, insects, molds, eye allergies, and many more. Now let’s check out the different types of allergies in detail.

Pollen allergies

It’s also known as environmental allergies. It actually caused by seasonal pollen production from trees, grass, weeds, and flowers. people experience symptoms in the spring or year-round or change in the environment.

Pet allergies

Pet allergy symptoms are triggered by certain proteins of animals or urine or dead skins. There are many pet allergies such as dog allergy, cat allergy, etc.

Food allergies

Various kinds of food cause food allergy, IgE mediated allergies, non-IgE mediated allergies are different from food intolerances. If you have a food allergy you must find out the food that causes the reaction.

Latex allergy

It’s an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex. Latex allergy is a serious risk to our health. Rubber balloons, gloves, and other rubber products can cause latex allergy.

Insect allergies

Insect allergies are mostly caused by stinging insects like a bee, wasps, hornets, fire ants, and yellow jackets. There are cockroaches and insect-like dust miles that can cause insect allergy which is very common but those are non-stinging insects.

Allergic Rhinitis

If a person sneezes and his/her nose always stuffy and mouth or eyes always itchy then he/she has allergic rhinitis. Hay fever is known as allergic rhinitis. There are two types one is seasonal which happens at a certain time of a year and another is year-round.

Drug allergies

Most of the medicines are not allergic but there are some of them which have side effects that can cause drug allergies. If someone develops a rash and difficulties breathing or hives after taking certain medicine he/she may have a drug allergy.

Besides, there are other allergies like eye allergy, mold allergy, sinus allergy which can cause major health problems.

Cause Of Allergy

When someone inhales, swallows, or in contact with substances that are harmless but the immune system mistakes as a dangerous invader and makes antibodies but when it happens again the antibodies release some chemical that causes allergy symptoms.

Common things that cause allergy are:

  • Airborne allergens, like pollen, animal skins, molds, dust mites.
  • Foods, among them peanuts, wheat, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, and many more.
  • Insects such as a bee or a wasp or fire ants basically those who stink.
  • Latex or other substances that people touch also can cause allergies.
  • Medicines with side effects can cause allergy, certain vaccines or penicillin may cause allergies too.

Exercise, minor injuries, or even emotions can trigger allergies. Allergies run in some families, you can trigger allergies even if your parents don’t.

Skin Allergy Symptoms

Skin allergy can be caused by immune system disorders, medicines, or some kind of infection. If an allergen is responsible for immune system disorders then that is a skin allergy. There are various kinds of skin allergies like Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), allergic contact dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema, hereditary angioedema (HAE).

Swelling, itching, redness, cracked skins are common symptoms of skin allergy but there is some difference that helps in identifying specific conditions.

Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms:

Red or dry or itchy skin may leak fluid that crusts over the scratched areas, this skin condition starts frequently in the first couple of years. Scratching or rubbing of the skin causes abnormal pigmentation that is called Lichenification. Atopic dermatitis is also known as Eczema, infants are mostly affected by it.

Children are vulnerable to have the rash at the bends of the elbow joints, wrists, behind the ears and knees. Eczema often appears on the face of infants. Adults have the rash at the same location as the children’s.

Urticaria and angioedema symptoms:

Urticaria is red and white raised bumps that range in size and appear all over the body, it’s also itchy. Angioedema appears on the face around the eyes, cheeks, lips. It also appears on hands, feet, inside the throats but the swelling is deeper than others. The welts disappear within a few minutes to weeks in the case of urticaria, but chronic hives last for months or even years.

Allergy Treatment

It’s hard to say but there is no specific treatment that can cure allergy but there are some medicines that can help you to ease and treat the symptoms. There are some allergy shots that can help to treat your allergy. Among all the medicines antihistamines that have been used for years to treat allergy, it can be taken as pills, liquid, or eye drops, or as nasal sprays.

Eye drops help to relieve red itchy eyes on the other hand nasal sprays can be used to treat the seasonal symptoms or all year-round. Clarinex is taken by mouth, Astelin is a prescription nasal antihistamine spray. Optivar, epinastine ophthalmic, and olopatadine ophthalmic are antihistamines eye drops.

If antihistamines don’t help then a decongestant will help your stuffed nose. Decongestant shrink swollen blood vessels and relieves the congestion but it can’t help with sneezing or itching. It also comes as pills, liquids, or nasal sprays. Allergy shots are also called “immunotherapy” it helps to ease the symptoms and your body gets used to the allergens and the other things that trigger the reaction, it really helps to treat the symptoms.

Risk Factors For Allergies

An allergy can occur at any age, but children are most vulnerable. A child runs a risk of 30-50% of inheriting an allergy if one parent has an allergy. If both of them have an allergy then their children have 60-80% of developing allergies. Although heredity can determine whether you develop an allergy or not but the environment sets the motion of the process. Some exposers promote allergies individuals, exposers to cigarette smoke, and eating junk foods or sugary drinks, some may expose to the protective environment like fermented foods, high-fiber diets, or farm animals.

So that’s all about all the types of allergies around the world, I hope you get all your quested information about the causes of allergies, their symptoms and all the names of the medicines that can help you to ease and treat your skin allergy symptoms. To get more info stay connected with us through our site and if you get your needed information please don’t forget to add your precious comment in the comment box below.

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