Condition Of Medical Treatment In Bangladesh: Is It Too Bad?

Condition Of Medical Treatment In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries in the world. More than 170 million people live in Bangladesh. One of the major problems for the citizens of Bangladesh is getting proper medical treatment. There are so many challenges and limitations of providing proper medical treatment. Not enough doctors, not enough health machinery, not enough health accessories are some challenges. But it’s not like people do not get treatments. They do get treatments but there are some limitations due to the overpopulation of the country. Misunderstandings, debates, and even clashes between doctors and patients are often heard in Bangladesh. Due to these, fights, hospital vandalism, and lawsuits also took place.

Patients complain that doctors do not listen to them, do not answer questions, and do not give them enough time. Hospitalized patients also do not receive adequate information about their treatment. Doctors, on the other hand, complain that many times patients do not give accurate information about their disease. Beyond all the challenges, I will try to write about the current condition of Medical treatment in Bangladesh. Hope you will like it.

What are the rights of the patient when seeking medical treatment?

Patients have to get a clear idea about their issue. The doctors have to tell them what is actually happening inside their bodies. It could be hard to discuss with rural people. But at least they have to get some clear data and information about their disease. They have the right to know about their disease and how it works, or how it happened. And what to do to prevent this.

What things to avoid and what’s not. They have the right to know about the full treatment fee and beyond. they should also be informed in advance if there is any risk in receiving the medical treatment. These are some examples of the right of a patient when seeking medical treatment. There are some more rights.

Challenges of the Doctors

It is really hard for all the doctors to manage a huge crowd that is seeking medical treatment. Whenever I go to my nearest govt Medical hospital, I see a long line of patients waiting to just meet the doctor. The doctors do not have enough time for all patients. They have to treat them quickly and recognize or make an idea about the disease very fast. Another thing is, the patient and their relatives often get angry with the doctor for no reason. Sometimes clashes between the relatives and doctors are seen.

That is really unexpected and rude behavior by the relatives and patients. a few months ago, I heard the news that some patient relatives killed a well-known doctor because the operation was failed. That’s insane. Patients and patient’s relatives have to understand the doctors’ situation and their limitations. And the doctors also have to try their best while giving medical treatment.

Challenges by the Patients

Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. Most of the people live in villages and do farming to earn living. They do not have much money to get the best treatments. Govt medical hospitals do not have enough facilities there. Patients have to go to private clinics for proper examination of the disease. The government hospitals do not have many facilities to test and recognize the disease.

So the patients have no options left. They have to go to private clinics and the clinics charge huge amount of money. The medicines are also priced so high. Having not enough doctors in the government hospital is also a problem for the patients. And in the rural area, doctors do not come on time. There are so many challenges for the patients in Bangladesh while seeking medical treatment.

Government Challenges Providing Medical Treatment

Corruption is the main challenge of the government of Bangladesh. The health ministry faces many challenges, and corruption is one of the biggest challenges. It is really hard to stop corruption when some of the important officers are involved. That is really frustrating, we often hear some news about some important officers of the country is involved with corruption.

The government has to stop them at any cost. The corrupted ones should be punished and jailed. And also the government has to provide necessary medical equipment to the government hospitals all around Bangladesh. Government has to recruit more medical officers to provide proper medical treatment to everyone. They have to control the price of the medicines so that everyone could buy those medicines.

Some Words

The condition of medical treatment in Bangladesh is not too bad. It has become worse because of some corrupted officers and undutiful doctors. Also, the patients who are are not capable to understand the limitations of the doctor. But we can really hope that the situation of medical treatment in Bangladesh will be better in the future, The doctors and patients will have a better bonding. We expect that every one of our countries does not matter whatever his profession is, will get the best medical treatment at a cheap price.

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